Monday, November 17, 2008

Featured Sample: AppointmentsAlert


Author: A.D. Tejpal

This sample db demonstrates an appointments planner featuring audiovisual alarm for events becoming due.

The Planner opens with appointment grid pre-selected for today's date and the cursor moves to current time slot.

If any other date (not older than yesterday) is selected in the Date Picker control, fresh appointment grid for that date is presented (if not already existing).

When put into standby mode, the utility goes into minimized state and keeps scanning the status of scheduled appointments at specified time intervals.

As & when an event becomes due, an audio alarm is sounded accompanied by a pop-up form displaying the current status of various appointments.

The time in advance of an event for sounding the alarm, as well as the frequency of scanning is amenable to customization by the user.

Audio alarm is governed by the *.wav file located in the same folder as that containing the sample db. If it is desired to use a different sound, simply replace this file by the one desired.

The zip file contains two versions (Access 2000 file format), developed as follows -
(a) Access 2002 installed on Windows XP
(b) Access 2000 installed on Windows 98

Caution -
(a) An activex control named 'Microsoft Date And Time Picker Control' has been used in this database. This control is required to be registered in the access installation on user's computer, before attempting to open & use the sample db.
(b) For registration - file mscomct2.ocx should be available in System32 folder of windows operating system. Open any access database other than this db (even a blank one will do), click Tools -> Activex Controls -> Register. Navigate to the location of above .ocx file and click OK.

Versions - XP & 2K (both in Access 2000 file format)
References -
(a) XP Version -
Visual Basic For Applications
Microsoft Access 10.0 Object Library
Microsoft Office 10.0 Object Library DAO 3.6
(a) 2K Version -
Visual Basic For Applications
Microsoft Access 9.0 Object Library
Microsoft Office 9.0 Object Library DAO 3.6

You can find it here:

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