Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Sample: Report_RepFooterformultiColumns


by AD Tejpal

This sample db demonstrates handling of report footer for a multi-column report with Down and then Across (D&A) layout in such a manner as to prevent its spill-over to a redundant extra page.

In a multi-column report with D&A layout, spill-over of normal report footer section to an extra page, despite adequate space being available at the end of last column, is attributable to the fact that page footer has already been hit by the first column. Once that happens, there is no longer any room for the report footer, which has to move over to next page.

Two alternative styles are demonstrated in this sample db:
  1. Style A - Use the page footer in dual role.
  2. Style B - Place the report footer in an outermost dummy group footer.

You can find the sample here: http://www.rogersaccesslibrary.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=454


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