Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Sample: DataDICTIONARY_DisplayControl_Crystal

By Crystal Long

Zip file contains 2 objects: 1 form and 1 module:

  • f_DataDICTIONARY_DisplayControl
  • mod_crystal_DataDICTIONARY_DisplayControl

You can find this sample here:
Other Samples By Crystal:

How to Use this tool:

Import the DataDICTIONARY_DisplayControl form and module into a working database, then compile and save, then Open the form: f_DataDICTIONARY_DisplayControl



  1. View Data Dictionary for selected table 
  2. Go to Table Design view of selected table
  3. Open table Datasheet View of selected table
  4. Rename selected table
  5. See if there are text or memo fields where Unicode Compression is not set
  6. See an estimate of record width (sum of the data type sizes, taking compression into account)
  7. Change Display Control of selected fields:
    1. Combo and Listbox to Textbox
    2. Integer to Checkbox

Screen Shots

When you first open the f_DataDICTIONARY_DisplayControl form, you will not see much until you choose a table to look at.

Choose Table

 Menu: Data Dictionary, Display Control

 3 Lookup fields, Need Unicode Compression

Rename Tables 

 Rename Table with bad characters

List of Tables with New Name chosen


Delete Lookups

3 Lookup fields to change

Integer to Checkbox

Select Integer fields to set DisplayControl to Checkbox

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