Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Sample: Form_CustomSeriesByDefaultProperty


By A.D. Tejpal

This sample db demonstrates a novel approach involving generation of alphanumeric sequence as per specified prefix, via a common function embedded as default value property of the bound control carrying such values.

As the data entry progresses, the default value keeps incrementing as required, without having to undertake any special manipulation via form's current event. Moreover, it is not necessary to use even other form events like Dirty / Before or After Insert / Before or After Update etc.

The prefix is selected via combo box on the main form. Whenever, a new prefix is selected, the newly displayed default value on the subform gets set 1 higher than the existing highest in alpha-numeric sequence pertaining to the selected prefix. If there is no existing entry with the given prefix, the default value gets set to prefix followed by 000001.

Type of prefix can be selected via the option group as follows:
(a) Prefix by combo box selection.
(b) Prefix as per current year (yyyy)
(c) Prefix as per current year month (yyyymm)

You can find it here:


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