Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Sample: MultipleLabelsOffsetBatch2.mdb


by Roger Carlson

This is the latest sample in a family of samples that illustrate how to print multiple labels. Each sample gets progressively more complex.

  1. MultipleLabels.mdb ( intermediate )
    This form illustrates how to print multiples of specific labels.
  2. MultipleLabelsOffset.mdb ( intermediate )
    This sample is a more complete version of MultipleLabels.mdb. It is meant to be a simple minded stand-alone address label program.
  3. MultipleLabelsOffsetBatch.mdb ( intermediate )
    This sample is a similar to MultipleLabelsOffset.mdb, but prints multiple labels for multiple people in a batch.
  4. MultipleLabelsOffsetBatch2.mdb (intermediate)
    This sample is a similar to MultipleLabelsOffsetBatch.mdb, but adds the ability to have different numbers of labels printed for each address.