Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Sample: Document Query SQL, Form and Report RecordSources

by Crystal Long

Document Query SQL, Form and Report RecordSources, and create query to show main objects

Here is code to DOCUMENT the SQL stored for each QUERY. You can also document the source for FORMS and REPORTS. You can also create a query that lists the main object names and types in your database.

click in first procedure, Run_Word_CreateDocumention_SQL, and press F5 to Run!

A Word document showing the SQL for all your queries will be created.
To use this module to document RecordSource for forms or reports, run one of the following procedures:


To create a query from the MSysObjects table with a list of all the main object names and types in your database, run Run_Create_qObjex_byCrystal_Query
BAS module

to import a module into your database, UNZIP it to pull out the BAS file
then open the database you want to document, press Alt-F11 to go to a Visual Basic window. From the menu, choose: File, Import
Navigate to:

NEEDS reference to
Microsoft DAO Object Library or Microsoft Office ##.0 Access Database Engine Object Library
(from the menu: Tools, References...)

Debug, Compile and then Save

then run each of the four procedures at the top that are named Runblahblah

You can find the sample here:

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