Monday, April 12, 2010

Should I upgrade to Access 2010?

My take is that Access 2007 will become the Access 95 of the 21st century, that is, an interim release that few people will use once 2010 comes out.

I say this, because a number of features that were introduced in 2007 aren't really useful until 2010. For instance, I consider multiple-value fields (for tables) and Layout View (for forms) to be either useless or down-right dangerous in 2007. However, with the introduction of Web Databases in 2010, both of these features become necessary. I would never use either in a client database (that is, one that opens and runs in Access on the desktop) but I would use these in a database that runs in a web browser.

Access 2007 introduced a new type of template, that is more useful than those in earlier versions, but 2010 introduces another new type of template called Application Parts, which is meant to incorporate generalized functions into an existing database application. To my mind, that's more useful than the kind of template that creates an entire application from scratch.

The result is that many Access 2007 features were really aimed at 2010. Once 2010 comes out, I expect I'll use that exclusively.


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Is it really worth it?