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Monday, May 10, 2010

Access 2010 Web Databases: How Can I Put My Access Database On The Web?

This article has moved: Access 2010 Web Databases: How Can I Put My Access Database On The Web?


Nero M. Agustin said...

Hi Roger,
When I’m trying to publish an access web database to my SharePoint Server 2010 I always got this error. “An error occurred while initializing the Access Services database.” I make sure that Access Services is running on my SharePoint Server 2010 and I configured “SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Features” on my site. As additional information, we are using single server setup (standalone version) of SharePoint. Is there anything else I need to configure aside from these? I will appreciate any help from you.

Roger's Access Blog said...


Unfortunately, the Sharepoint side of this is a black box to me. I suggest asking your question on www.utteraccess.com. There are two forums that should help:

There are a lot of knowledgeable people there and someone should be able to help.

Good luck to you.