Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Sample: Form_TreeView3TierCascaded

by A.D. Tejpal
This sample db demonstrates three tier cascaded treeview control for student tests and grades, with two way synchronization visa-vis associated subforms.

Treeview at left displays classes and students while the second treeview shows different levels of tests for various subjects - for the class in question.

Third treeview displays test results for current student, showing date of current test and marks obtained. Grades can be entered / edited conveniently just by clicking the pertinent check boxes.

For convenient viewing, as soon as a given class node caption is clicked or navigated to (say by Up / Down arrow keys), it expands, displaying all student nodes belonging to that class. Simultaneously, all other class nodes get collapsed.

For navigation as well as editing, the treeview and subform are mutually synchronized. Any action on treeview is reflected on corresponding record in the subform and vice versa.

You can find the sample here:

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