Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Sample: Form_AnimatedWavesAndShapes


Author: AD Tejpal

This sample db demonstrates programmatic animation of waveforms and nested shapes.

Five styles of waveforms are covered (The user can select the speed of animation e.g. Low / Medium / High):
  1. Spiral - Simple
  2. Spiral - Oscillating X axis
  3. Sine wave - Three components in series
  4. Sine wave - Three components in phase
  5. Sine wave - Three phase (typical of electric power supply)
Nested shapes cover various combinations of controls radiating outwards within a given box. Animation speed continues to cycle through normal / fast / faster.

The size of display can be altered by clicking anywhere within the outermost rectangle. Bottom right corner of display area shifts to the clicked location while the top left corner remains constant.

You can find this sample here:

New Sample: Form_AnimatedWavesAndShapes

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