Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Access 2010 Web Databases: Web Compatibility

This article has moved: Access 2010 Web Databases: Web Compatibility


Anonymous said...

I have encountered a problem with primary keys (autonumber) in Access Web Database. By accident, the link for each other is using the primary key. It means table 1 is looking up table 2's primary key and vise versa.

This scenario can't be uploaded to Sharepoint as this is not an allowed relationship. Primary keys can't be deleted or modified as it is a primary key. Look-up with each other can't be deleted. Tables can't be deleted because they have relationships with eachother. So far I haven't found a solution for this type of scenario.

Have you encountered this type of error before? How did you handle it?

Roger's Access Blog said...

No, I have never encountered this problem. It certainly seems as if the lookups should be able to be modified to look up the correct field.

But this isn't the best venue for support. I suggest you ask this question on a forum like

Anonymous said...

What if the "Publish to Access Services" button is greyed out?