Thursday, April 11, 2013

How do I run a macro or code when the database starts?

Access has a special macro called Autoexec, which automatically executes when the database opens. You can use this macro to do practically anything: open one or more forms in hidden mode, relink your tables, pop up a tickler list, or whatever startup functions your application requires.

At its simplest, simply create a new macro, choose the Actions and associated arguments required, and save it under the name Autoexec. The next time you open your application, this macro will execute.

However, most experienced developers agree that macros are not the optimal solution. Most prefer VBA code to macros. Fortunately, it is simple to convert a macro to VBA code (see: How Do I Convert A Macro to VBA Code?) .

So a much more elegant solution would be to create an Autoexec macro that does what you want it to do. After you test it, convert it to a VBA function.

The conversion will create a new function called Autoexec() in a general module. Next delete all the actions from your existing Autoexec macro and replace it with the RunCode action, with Autoexec() as the function name. Like this:

Access 2010 and 2013


In Access 2000 - 2007

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