Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Sample: Form_LastViewedAndCurRecToggle

By A.D. Tejpal

    This sample db demonstrates toggling between last viewed record and the current record on subform in datasheet view, via a command button on parent form.

    Navigation through subform records is conducted through a combo box on the parent form. Alternatively, the user can click on the desired record directly on the subform. The current record gets highlighted in light green while the last viewed record is highlighted in light grey.

    The user can also flag one or more records by double clicking any of the columns on desired record. Last column of records flagged in this manner gets highlighted in pink color. These flags remain in force for the current session of access, even if the form is closed and then re-opened. Repeat double click on a flagged record will remove the flag. To remove all flags, command button captioned "Clear All Flags" can be clicked.

Version: Access 2000 file format

You can find the sample here:

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