Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Sample: Form_ContinuousSimulated

By A. D. Tejpal

This sample db demonstrates a simulated continuous form having unbound controls, facilitating row-wise display of unlimited colors.

It displays 12 records at a time. Full coverage of data is provided via suitable navigation buttons. Apart from being able to edit the records, the user can add new records or delete the current record by clicking appropriate command buttons. In addition, two alternative modes for search have been provided: (a) By record number or (b) By ID number. All these actions are feasible directly on the form. Current record remains identified by special highlight in first column.

First two columns (locked) display the record number and TrainID. Next two columns, holding TrainCode and ColorValue, are editable. Last column serves as ColorStrip, each row displaying the color represented by ColorValue in the previous column.

There is two way synchronization between ColorValue and ColorStrip. Any value entered in the former gets reflected as corresponding color in the latter. On the other hand, double click on ColorStrip invokes the color dialog box, where the user has unlimited choice and the color finally selected gets displayed in the color strip. Simultaneously, appropriate value gets assigned in ColorValue column.

You can find the sample here:

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