Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Really Bad Design Decisions: A Case Study

This article has moved: Really Bad Design Decisions: A Case Study


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Roger. It’s important to create your database the right way from the very beginning because it will just have a domino effect on you later. I like your case study because you tell right away of some of the errors made. Presentation is also important in a database because it helps you see and comprehend your information better and more easily. That’s the purpose of a database anyways. It’s to simplify your problems with large amounts of data, not to complicate.

Anonymous said...

I tend to call this kind of thing sub optimal design decisions.

Really bad design tends to be when everything is run in a spreadsheet.

In such instances unless the developer is filling things out everything tends to go south immediately.

But yes I would agree with the optimizations you made to this.