Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Sample: Report_PrintLabelsCustomStart


by A.D. Tejpal

This sample db demonstrates printing of labels in such a manner that starting position of first label as well as different number of copies for each label can be specified by the user. Out of available source data, only the labels selected by user will actually get printed. The report used for this demo has three columns.

Two methods are covered as follows:

(a) Everything is managed via VBA code. No interference to report's record source is needed.

(b) The query serving as report's record source is devised in such a manner that it takes care of specified start position for first label to be printed as well as different number of copies for each label as desired. VBA code is minimal, just for hiding the label control when blank.

Method (b) above makes use of driver table T_Ref having a single field RefNum populated with numbers 1 to 200. If the number of copies for any label are likely to exceed this number, contents of table T_Ref can be expanded suitably.

Source data consisting of three fields holding top middle and bottom lines for the intended label, is displayed in a subform along with a column displaying the desired number of copies in each case. The last column has bound check boxes enabling the user to select which of the labels are to be printed.

Sample label pertaining to current record in the subform is displayed on the parent form. Any editing of contents in the subform gets reflected promptly in the sample label.

You can find it here:


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